Saturday, April 01, 2006

Spring time in Phila

After the days spent in New York City I left for Philadelphia for a couple of days and meet my old college roomate who lives there. The weather was a whole lot better thus I was able to move more around the city and see some new sites that I haven't been before. The Ben Franklin & Independence City, as it presents itself through endless places, streets, museums etc that have some of that into their names, looked a lot nicer in late March than during the Winter:))

Ceteris Paribus, good times/weather and a much needed relaxation period away from the university and all its related issues.

Lots of Guinness.5 am sanwiches.Late night bus schedules. Just like good ol'days in college:)) Just the "forget about everything" kind of break needed.

An always funny and full of options downtown on a Saturday night.

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