Sunday, April 09, 2006

Something special...

Considering today's special nature, I decided in addition to the usual stuff to do something different. For that I purchased tickets for an aerial tour of RPI and downtown Albany. Although not cheap:)) it was worthy both the thrills and scenic provided and like other many "experience goods" (in the economic language) you take the risk of trying it. The airplane: Cessna Skyhawk (the most common single-engine aircraft, I guess) capable of carrying 4 people. Pilot: provided by RPI RAF(Rensselaer Aeronautical Federation. Perks: pilot also born on the 9th of April:)) Small world after all. Length: approx.45 minutes. Weather: excellent for flight; low winds, perfect visibility. Thrill level: pretty good. I flew small commercial airplanes before in RO and US with 30-40 seats and I liked it but for this I would have to fly it myself in order to enjoy it. You feel so hopeless and small in this tight box with wings and a growling engine. We circled around Troy (mostly RPI's campus) and then hang-out above downtown Albany. It is funny to see the Egg and all those Empire Plaza skyscrapers from this buzzing circling tiny aircraft. You are never feeling sure about the stability of the plane:))) least I wasn't and by the tightness of the grip that my girl had I guess she was even more doubtful:)))..and she had reasons to. I am just grateful that the pilot was excellent, which counts a lot in this cases.:)
Below: some photos from today's sky trip (trimmed down to 800x600,as always; not to overstress the blogg:))..)

Myself, on the track

The nose of a Cessna

Up in the Air

RPI campus

Albany- Empire State Plaza


The Horizon

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Nice present for your bithday, man!

The blog is also nice, why didn't you mention it to me sooner?