Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Back in a NBA arena

Getting back to a bball arena was nice regardless of the quality of the game. Obviously, the Wizzards are not doing well for some number of seasons now (and they don't seem to have good rebounding perspectives either). On the other side, the Bulls are an up and rising team leaded by one of the best point guards in the game (D.Rose) and with some spectacular additions in the off-season (Boozer) that should give them the contender status desired. All in all, it was a good game; I was surprised that the Wizards stayed ahead for three quarters, considering Chicago's pretentions. However, they came on top at the beginning of the fourth and remained there until the end. Number 7 at the hosts (forgot his name) supposedly a center like player couldn't even dunk on a fast break (besides missing all types of shots) which makes me wonder why he's a starter in this team (now that they got Lewis and Carter?) but probably this will change soon. All in all, was a nice game, a lot of people around and a good atmosphere in the 4th quarter. I enjoyed it.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Office 2011 versus Office 2008 my opinion there is no comparison.
Hated Entourage and the whole mess with migrating data from Outlook 07 to it (painful) now it is back to Outlook 07 format for mac as well. Plus all the Word Excel and Communicator (hmmm???) you want (the buffet is open gents). What I liked especially is that now the bright and yellow people at Microsoft actually made it easy to migrate data from Entourage to Outlook ( I am currently waiting for my 7,000+ gmail account to migrate there and all my other IMAP accounts are there already). Also, let's see if it actually works, and all the other stuff there (signatures, agenda, prefs etc)..Working now on syncing the Calendars (but dehh...that was cruel with I guess it cannot get worse, but will update if necessary). Other than that an awesome first look. However, if you need more info check this out.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Zeitgeist - a new tool from Google

Something that I have seen also on Euronews powered by Google: stats on what people search (within Europe/US/etc). While it makes little sense in analyzing the top 10 for our "collective" search conscience (I cannot really identify that much with the latest Lady Gaga fetish video perhaps?) if this can be customized in terms of searches and coverage would make an interesting tool for cultural comparisons that are so loved in the international business literature. So perhaps I should have posted this on my research blog not here. well, whatever, I just thought it might be interesting, and still have a long time to become professional on these things.:) Cheers.