Sunday, November 27, 2005


the traditional features of the dinner

Almost everyone knows one of the most popular events here in the US, maybe not so many know that it isn't universally accepted. In fact, it seems that only the US and Canada are hosting this event in a formal manner. In many Christian religions though, there is something similar, but not at the same magnitude.

Thanksgiving 2005 in Stamford,CT.

What's nice about it is that family type thing of event, which always brings good moods, attitudes and behaviours in all of us. More is needed!:) Free lunches are probably the most popular concept but dinners like this shouldn't be this scarce. Another point is that all religions are celebrating it, which kind of proves that many artificial bariers can be lowered quickly.

in the meantime,

They shot horses, don't they? but a turkey got the presidential pardon. Too bad that many other are not so lucky...

On this year's First Snow

Yes. First snow happened here on the 23th. It was sudden and probably nice for most of the people leaving in upstate NY. I didn't see it like that since the thermostat in my house showed only 48 degrees :(( , thus, no simpathy from me on this one. This event though made me realize how important these small things (like temperature) really are (cannot do any WORK under a certain level, which is probably consistent with the total lack of big breakthrough inventions among iglu communities or the remote Siberia). It seems that the brain needs a certain temperature in order to reach peak intensity cortexial levels, but do not exaggerate [it's obvious that ecuatorial climates are not very good also!:))]

On the other hand "negative externalities" can arise from popular holidays such as Thankgiving, since most hadymen and people in charge with restoring a more causy and WARM status quo stopped working on the same day, around 3-4 pm. Thus not everything can be summarized as cheerful and happy. And Yeah,not to forget: Thanksgiving is not the busiest day in the year. The myth is totally wrong and statistics prove that 21,22 and 23 of December are indeed the peak of busyness. So, Christmas rules again! Santa must love this:))

Monday, November 14, 2005

A Novemberish New England

City views from Providence, RI

November is not the best time to hang around NE; but this year it has been unusually mild and dry,which can only yield positive feelings even about this issue.I've just spent last weekend over there and it was very nice.

Providence is the capital city of Rhode Island, probably the second smallest state after Delaware,:)), I guess. Although many people from Boston probably see it as a suburb, it is a nice medium size town with a neet downtown and some interesting sites to see (since it is also lying on hills). The city has its own identity which is neat,clean and friendly native endowments.

Myself and a bit of night panoramic view of the city (background)

A clear moonlight night on the beach in Massachusets.Cold as hell but nice view of the Atlantic and a bloody sunset in the background.

Some wild ducks and a swan on the lake (Slater Park; Pawtucket, RI)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Music wise ...

howdy! and bonjour aussi@
today it's all about MUSic.
what people have listen to lately? well...i can only speak for myself nowdays,no? I focused almost entirely on dubious nice groovy stuffs aka mainly dubb, drum & bass and trip-hop-ish selected beats. Some names, or better yet, some websites that you can check them out - mostly cool flash ones and beatwise too- :)
CLAUDE CHALLE - the DJ that sets up the Buddha BAr compilations-

and many cool others...
it's a whole new world full of just need to know where to search for it.
until next time, stay fresh body- and mind- wise and keep it real!