Sunday, November 27, 2005


the traditional features of the dinner

Almost everyone knows one of the most popular events here in the US, maybe not so many know that it isn't universally accepted. In fact, it seems that only the US and Canada are hosting this event in a formal manner. In many Christian religions though, there is something similar, but not at the same magnitude.

Thanksgiving 2005 in Stamford,CT.

What's nice about it is that family type thing of event, which always brings good moods, attitudes and behaviours in all of us. More is needed!:) Free lunches are probably the most popular concept but dinners like this shouldn't be this scarce. Another point is that all religions are celebrating it, which kind of proves that many artificial bariers can be lowered quickly.

in the meantime,

They shot horses, don't they? but a turkey got the presidential pardon. Too bad that many other are not so lucky...

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