Sunday, November 27, 2005

On this year's First Snow

Yes. First snow happened here on the 23th. It was sudden and probably nice for most of the people leaving in upstate NY. I didn't see it like that since the thermostat in my house showed only 48 degrees :(( , thus, no simpathy from me on this one. This event though made me realize how important these small things (like temperature) really are (cannot do any WORK under a certain level, which is probably consistent with the total lack of big breakthrough inventions among iglu communities or the remote Siberia). It seems that the brain needs a certain temperature in order to reach peak intensity cortexial levels, but do not exaggerate [it's obvious that ecuatorial climates are not very good also!:))]

On the other hand "negative externalities" can arise from popular holidays such as Thankgiving, since most hadymen and people in charge with restoring a more causy and WARM status quo stopped working on the same day, around 3-4 pm. Thus not everything can be summarized as cheerful and happy. And Yeah,not to forget: Thanksgiving is not the busiest day in the year. The myth is totally wrong and statistics prove that 21,22 and 23 of December are indeed the peak of busyness. So, Christmas rules again! Santa must love this:))

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