Saturday, September 22, 2007

Funny Horoscope

Today's prediction:

"The strategy you came up with for burying the black box could work quite well. Restrain yourself from violent acts towards your family! The failed attempt of a "buddy" to obtain something will please you in the meanest possible way."

Woowww...I must really be an evil guy or something. This site looks pretty screwed up to post such a "forecast" for all Aries.:) :)))
Mad, mad World

The Time Series Weekend

This week I had a crash course in time series and all the wonderful things associated with such econometrics like cointegration, stationary,bootstraping etc. Thus, the weekend looks quite un-promising ahead, just study & work (again!). I trully hope it rains (although the forecast changes here from our to hour).

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ship Baptising Party

Today a new cruise ship by Color Line, the company that serves among other destinations the link from Kiel to Oslo has grown richer by one. This was a good reason for a one day celebration festivities here in Kiel. It has all started at 10am with the new Color ship named Color Magic entering the Fjorde flanked by many other vessels.
A beautiful day again (coincidence? there were some really awful days prior to this) gave also the perfect setting for an open air concert of A-HA (Norwegians by nature) which was actually a pretty good set-up on a floating stage with lots of panels and screens.

Soccer Tournament IfW

After weeks of preparation and loads of fun {I even managed to make my nose bleed in premiere in one of these sessions, which I haven't yet succeeded despite a colorful childhood:)} the big day of the big tournament here at the IWE in Kiel proved to be quite unlucky. The guys played great especially the first three games (2 draws and 1 win); however the last was disastrous (1-2 lost) which took us from a possible 1st to a 3rd or 4th place.:)) As a result, no pride left and no trophy in our window:)).
"I chose not to choose life"? (Trainspotting) Guess not.:)) Just football and just for now.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hamburg - short weekend trip

after some hard weeks of work & study in the ASP program, on trade and international new open macroeconomics, it was time for a break. and this seemed like the perfect principle to explore a bit the neighboring city of Hamburg.
Not so big but quite interesting and alive, Hamburg has a lot to offer.
Check my (other)pics on the link (photoblog) or perhaps facebook.