Saturday, October 29, 2005

Romania_the satellite version of it

I was just playing around with the new Google's Earth and saw this as an opportunity to try it on Romania...see what comes up. I had recently an unfortunate experience of trying to watch a documentary on Romania and Hungary (from the Lonely Planet series and I am sorry to say this guys but they DO suck at it! - big geographical mistakes etc.- as if we were not mapped correctly nowdays) and I could only watch about ten minutes of it and couldn't take it afterwards. It was pretty dissapointing since I used to watch & enjoy that show but now I am just wondering how far off were they with all those countries presented.

ok. back to the original topic.
The program is quite nice an d easy to use. Obviously, there is much work yet to be done on it....but the views are quite spectacular sometimes. Although, it took me some time to found it, there was also my hometown (Sighet) which means Island in Hungarian (if I remember this correctly) is interesting. greetings to all the people there! I posted some cool images of Transylvania (Sighet is in the extreme north of it on the river Tisa (Tisza) about 5 min walk to Ukraine) and Cluj Napoca (the "informal" capital of T. -nice town, cool people, lived there and it was great-)
I am pretty sure you can get even better images if you have a good machine (unlike mine:)) ) and a nice video card. Enjoy the view..:)

Friday, October 28, 2005

Autumn is dead! Long live Winter!!

the autumn is over. officially dead. with the first coming snow, which is supposed to be today. just a flurry, naturally, but still a statement that it is done. Some will wonder why I wrote in english, am I just a snob, since the purpose of this blogg is mainly to communicate with my friends and pals back home...Well my purpose is not to make your life harder..:)) or to convince someone that English rulez! or that I've become a totally American and forgot all about Romania:))..not at all. This would be just a practice excercise for you and your lingvistic skills..I can write in French if you would preffer that..but I guess there is less of a potentially Pareto improvement situation to the French version. SO...this is it.