Monday, November 14, 2005

A Novemberish New England

City views from Providence, RI

November is not the best time to hang around NE; but this year it has been unusually mild and dry,which can only yield positive feelings even about this issue.I've just spent last weekend over there and it was very nice.

Providence is the capital city of Rhode Island, probably the second smallest state after Delaware,:)), I guess. Although many people from Boston probably see it as a suburb, it is a nice medium size town with a neet downtown and some interesting sites to see (since it is also lying on hills). The city has its own identity which is neat,clean and friendly native endowments.

Myself and a bit of night panoramic view of the city (background)

A clear moonlight night on the beach in Massachusets.Cold as hell but nice view of the Atlantic and a bloody sunset in the background.

Some wild ducks and a swan on the lake (Slater Park; Pawtucket, RI)

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