Sunday, January 15, 2006

Hostel - Eli Roth & Tarantino

The new Tarantino..actually Eli Roth's movie with the latter as executive producer (and advertising stunt?) and of course many went to watch it in theaters. And with the help of using the name Tarantino, they did clime the US box office on their first week of release. I have to say that although I am a pretty peaky person when it comes to film, music or arts in general, this movie comes closer to what a real horror movie should be...not those cheap lines and teenage scares from Scream and their sequential replicas. However, make no mistake it has its large share of cheese dialogues and action lacking the touch with reality in order to make it more dramatic than it really is. (the script) Moreover it will be interesting to see the reaction of the Slovakian spectators in theaters..:)))...since the whole movie is happening in Slovakia and the country is depicted as rustic, sadistic (gang of kids), poor but yet still full of drunken ready-2party girls. Of course for the sake of art, they could overcome this; without it the plot is weakining a lot.:))

Overall, it is a good horror movie because it gets real, as a good one should. I am curios right now how much was cuted from the original movie and probably it would have been more interesting to see it in a film festival. Myself, I had a nice time viewing it and also laughed a couple of times (there is such a thin line between scary horror movies and funny non-sense making films) but less than usual.:) I would say that this one has a good chance in becoming a classic both because of its expected commercial success and its value.

Have phun with it

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