Monday, December 13, 2010

Office 2011 versus Office 2008 my opinion there is no comparison.
Hated Entourage and the whole mess with migrating data from Outlook 07 to it (painful) now it is back to Outlook 07 format for mac as well. Plus all the Word Excel and Communicator (hmmm???) you want (the buffet is open gents). What I liked especially is that now the bright and yellow people at Microsoft actually made it easy to migrate data from Entourage to Outlook ( I am currently waiting for my 7,000+ gmail account to migrate there and all my other IMAP accounts are there already). Also, let's see if it actually works, and all the other stuff there (signatures, agenda, prefs etc)..Working now on syncing the Calendars (but dehh...that was cruel with I guess it cannot get worse, but will update if necessary). Other than that an awesome first look. However, if you need more info check this out.

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