Thursday, April 20, 2006


-a cultural recap of this past week-
Indeed this Thursday was quite a day:)
After the update on Urban Legends I went to see the fourth ongoing Dance Movies event provided by our university's EMPAC(the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center - is a place and a program, where the arts challenge and alter our technology and technology challenges and alters the arts). So they say - and I believe them since they come up with pretty cool events afterall.DANCE MOVIES 4: Street Wise. "With dancing in the streets, mischief in the deli, and tango in the back alley, these films are shot where street smarts and dancing feet collide."

Lame to some, cool to others, I guess interesting was the common argument. Although I didn't enjoy the "classic" early 80s creation (You Little Wild Heart by Marta Renzi) the current stuff (all others) were quite good. A special bonus for "Dispersion" (2006) which praises the "art of movement" (based on fearlessness, fluidity and efficiency) 'founded' by David Belle. Apparently this is an urban phenomenon mostly in European countries and google-ing the net yields a lot of movies of traceurs from all over the old continent. *interesting stuff*:)
Next, on Friday I got the chance to test two "World premieres" concertos: Adirondack Voices by Peter Child (pretty good) and Flight by Dorothy Chang (hmmm...strange and with a struggle flute sound..) performed by the Albany Symphony Orchestra here in Troy. Brahms sealed the success of the performance with its Concerto no.2 for Piano; otherwise I am not sure if it would have been a smart choice.
Finally, today I watched an "orchestra of voices" (aka a chorus of twelve men) under the name of Chanticleer from San Francisco ( with a selection entitled Earth Songs. Grammy winners themselves the guys did a swell job in interpreting a wide range of vocal literature from Renaissance to traditional (english, scotttish or japanes) and current themes. I really liked the contemporary piece by Chen Yi, Wild Grass, which is amazing in the way that surprises the atmosphere in a Chinese village (birds, creek's sound, noises, people etc) in a vivid manner; You can actually think that you are there and that is a pretty amazing thing to reproduce using human voices.

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