Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Mixing music and film

UNKLE - Edit Music For A Film
Label: Mo Wax

An excellent(most of the time) mix by UNKLE. Although some of the choices have been unavoidable (voice of HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey) for much of the dance-electro pieces from all the time, other tracks from Dune, Kill Bill, A Clockwork Orange,Reservoir Dogs, Training Day etc etc) make up for an exciting mix that leaves the guessing up to you. Musically, fat break beats, downtempo, electro house and drumm&bass. It is a must and also a good way to start an UNKLE experience (if you don't have any).This 2CD set seamlessly mixes together some of the biggest tracks from the dancefloor with movie dialogue and well known film music. Features tracks and collaborations from Roots Manuva & Richard Ashcroft alongside original UNKLE compositions. Conclusion: (5 out of 5)- another essential collection from the group.

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