Wednesday, April 05, 2006


A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. And that became TAXes this week..
Although I postponed it as far as I could (is not that I don't need the money though) the mid-april deadline is alomost here thus I'd better finish it. I have a problem with a missing form and an online tax program that doesn't quite do the job (in my humble opinion-but again, who am I to know better? I didn't read the instructions,etc. just by "common sense" it did strike me as "wrong"). These factors, along with the purely human desire not-to-fill these bureaucratic stuffs made me postpone it 'til now. Last year it was the same: I send it on the 15th. Yes, but at least I got back most of it (all state, 75% fed); now it seems that I will get about half, which is definetely better in absolute terms but fails to please me on conceptual ones:))..but I am just glad to get it done. Hopefully that missing form will find its way to me because it sure makes a difference in how you declare it. Cheers!

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