Friday, April 07, 2006

Match of the century (Romanian style)

Although announced as the "game of the century" (in a country where soccer rulez by far) the clash between two Romanian top teams in the quarter finals of UEFA cup it is hardly deserving this title. First of all, it is just a match between club teams while the national one is "resting" in $$-driven tournaments and missing the latest final World Cups. Secondly, let's hope we will have next year or in the closer future a clash in the superior phases of the Champions League, for example. And then you can actually name it this way. Don't get me wrong: it is an achievement and a pretty good one too if you consider that Romania is the only country in UEFA with two teams left in the quarterfinals (not even Germany, UK, ITA,etc). However, this kind of self-praising balcanic practice just make an event look "exquisite"(e.g. Catalin Radu Tanase "spectacular" inflating style) out of every success should be definetely dropped or at least be considered as basis for future accomplishements rather than auto-content. Till then, hopefully they will make it pass Middlesbrough into the finals and who knows, maybe even they get the tin, after 20 years since they won the Champions Cup in Seville.

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