Sunday, April 30, 2006

Romanian mobile facelift - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Effectively since this week, the re-branding action of Connex (one of the two major mobile carriers in RO) done by Vodafone has ended. This is sounds very familiar since a couple of years ago Orange did the same with the former Dialog carrier. However there are some differences: at that time Dialog was getting weaker on the market and its target niches were towards low-income people and plans; not much change afterwards, except the aggresiveness of strategies maybe and of course, the orange color/logos and beautiful advertising campaigns. In the case of the other RO giant (Connex) I do not have the same certain feelings that this was appropriate. (but who am I to judge:)?) Where it impacted me: as a Connex plan holder I did get 3 free sms to Romania on a daily basis (+ the rest at 7 cents); now I don't get anything. Somehow I really FAIL to see the big SAVINGS induced by such a "policy" measure (I could recommend some guidelines for Cost-Benefit study:), if needed) from the new read bosses but again, who am I to judge?, no? Anyways, I would at least like to have an option (pay for sms the regular 7c price) but I didn't see anything on the new site. So now I have to appeal to some low-life "substitutes" and crapy free-sms sites full of spyware and adware which I do hate; secondly I really hate the lags between the time you send the message and it is actually arriving at the destination and the "credits" policies of some sites. yeaaks.

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