Saturday, April 01, 2006

Gamblers' World

This was my first time in an US Casino. For that I wanted to try Vegas from a long time ago. Distance, time and money, they all kind of factor it out as time went by. I still want to go there but I will probably only during the Winter when it makes more sense. From Phila it's about an hour to Atlantic City, the Eastern Coast's Las I decided to go and see what's it like.

The Hound (grey one) gives you a very sweet deal and makes it almost a free ride (2$ roundtrip) probably stimulated heavily by the local "industry". Afterall, if you go there you gonna spend at least 20$ even if you decide not to play in the casinos (which I said); you have to eat, drink something plus other "shopping" experiences that are all over the place. So, it makes sense to support it.

I counted about 12 Casinos around the shore of Atlantic. I don't know how many of those are owned by Donald Trump but it is safe to believe at least "enough".:)
I loved Bailley's and the Taj Mahal; the rest (Caesar's, Trump, Hilton etc) seemed OK but not my personal favs. Anyways, for a gambling man, the slot machines, tables and games are the same. I would just like to know some insides about how and why to choose casinos.

My friend did try the poker machines and managed to prove me that loosing 10$ in 1 minute is not at all problematic.:)). After this, he was sold. I just tried to dunk some cents and quarters in a "fountain of luck" where a talking guy dodging his hat and a restless donkey where making the atmosphere in the exit lobby at Bailey's.

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