Sunday, April 30, 2006

Music 2 my ears - Nightmares on Wax

The lastest LP from Nightmares on Wax (In a Space Outta Sound) was released.Coming seven years after the 1999 release 'Carboot Soul', Nightmares On Wax prove they haven't lost any of their chilled out funk with this their fourth album. 'In A Space Outta Sound' sees George Evelyn continue with the obscure soul samples, laidback beats and tripped out sounds that have wowed audiences since 1991's 'A Word Of Science'.

1. Passion
2. Sweetest
3. Flip Ya Lid
4. Pudpots
5. Damm
6. You Wish
7. Deep Down
8. Chime Out
9. Me
10. Look At Me
11. Soul Purpose
12. African Pirates
Review (from Amazon):
Architects of "chill-out" before the term even existed, Nightmares On Wax--the nom de stoned of Leeds-born ex-raver George Evelyn--have ploughed a long and lazy furrow through the genres of reggae, hip-hop, world music and soul in search of the perfect lull. Like the United Kingdom itself, Nightmares’ fifth album In A Space Outta Sound is a composite of diverse, often exotic geography, but importantly never sounds like a work of cultural tourism: on "Damn!", a devious snake charmer’s melody weaves almost subliminally beneath gentle, trippy gospel chorusing, while on "African Pirates", cyclical percussive rhythms meld seamlessly with white-gloves acid blips and honking dub bass.
Woooow indeed.. (5 out of 5 - it's a must)
happy vibing!:)

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