Sunday, April 30, 2006

Match of the Century: "Romanian style" - revisited -

I was right (unfortunately!) in a previous post.
After the match in Bucharest won with 1-0 against the brits from Middlesborough, Steaua went even better with a 2-0 advantage in the first 30 minutes of the game. Everything seemed peachy and the final of Everton was closer and closer to become Romanian land in May.:) However, pigs don't fly...or at least not in the first half of the game. I saw some afterwards..though..:))

The sad closure: they lost by 4-2, which gave an aggregate minimum advantage (4-3) to Boro and send the whole team/TV viewers/country in hell (soccer/footbal in the King in RO). It was impossible to believe that it actually happened.
Sometimes it is called bad luck, some time lack of psychological training, plain stupidity, whatever...Regardless of the name it is a Romanian legacy (I saw this happening a lot) of which I am extremely un-proud of. Maybe it goes back to our Eastern-European roots (hard-times, hard personalities) and in our case to the national fable of "Miorita" in which a sheperd knowningly accepts his death (e.g. death by two other plotting sheperds going for his sheep) without putting a fight. Good for literary purposes, bad for psychic and success in life, maybe a good thing to reform from a curricular perspective.(in most of the countries kids are learning -even though not true most of the time- that their mother country is the best, bravest, etc etc in the world; it would be a good thing to throw some of that in our mix instead of poet self aware shepperds) Maybe we would have more of Boro's winner mentality instead of hard-to-swallow unexplainable failures like this one.

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