Friday, March 31, 2006

The Big Apple ... again

After Tue's concert and a sleepless night of work, I left for NYC. Amtrak. Best choice for the purpose. The train goes smoothly along the Hudson Valley providing you a nice scenary which reminded me a lot of Viseu and the long way home from Timisoara to Sighet (an unbarerable 14 hrs) in my student years:)). This was a lot faster: just 2 hrs and 10 mins to Penn Station. Along the way I did get to chat a bit with the violin solist from the London Phila's concert (getting back to Munich) and congratulate her. a very nice girl btw.

Finally, I started to read a novel which is sitting on my shelf for too long. (which was also dedicated to me like this: "Nu-i de citit decat pe avion cu motor"- you know who you are) :))) anyways, at least I have started it, nope? Ohh's GALAPAGOS by Kurt Vonnegut. Good stuff!
I did enjoy another stay in Manhattan. Although I start to despise more and more some features of New York City (e.g. Holland Tunnel, streets and subways) it is still prevailing as my favorite US city. Indeed: the city that never sleeps - and I didn't sleep much in it too- :). GSP Grantees from Eurasia got together for a three day conference, networking and a scientific exchange of opinions and "clash" of sciences. Clash is kind of pushing it; political science has little to do with econometrics and that small amount isn't expected to pass the thourough and critical eye of (even) one (economist) that could be in the audience.That being said, overall it was a good meeting; heterogeneity was the word of the day although political science and economics were heavily represented. Besides the 9-5 schedule we did taste some of the local night life and it was great although hard to keep the pace the second day after just couple of hrs of sleep.

Saturday after the conference I finally got a chance to hang out and visit parts of the city that I haven't seen before: Columbia University, St. John Divine Cathedral, uptown Manhattan, Northern Central Park West plus the usual suspects Time Square, Battery Park etc etc.

STILL so little time but so many to do & see. :((
'Till nexxt time....

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