Thursday, March 09, 2006

Just a strange 9.03

Just another day. A bad one though. Felt like every little outside factor was completely against me; thus I stopped trying to impress it and focused on my own stuff. After all there's always so much one can do for himself without carrying about the rest of the world. And, I may add I am pretty good at this although it doesn't strike me as something to be particular proud of.:)). I can believe that next week is the Spring break which will surely fly faster than a humming bird but especially that in exactly one month I'll be older by (another) year. I am quite busy these days and I am pretty sure that this de facto state will continue all semester at (very) least.
But tomorrow is another day and a good one too ! FRIDAY:))) {Thank God} I'll guess i'll try some of that relaxation thing myself; I heard it's quite nice:)

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