Friday, March 31, 2006

The most hectic two weeks this year..

It seems that Spring is coming in a very fast pace and with it my life caught much speed as well. This two weeks where full of everything: excitement, work (a whole lot) and fun (as much as possible). Things like sleep or rest were forgotten completely during this period and I felt again like in my student (bachelor) years back in Timisoara in the extreme Western Romania. Looking back on those times I just can help to smile and get back into that certain mood. Back to the issue in hand, I had to come up with a proposal for a fellowship that I was stubborn enough to try and apply for even though I found about it really really late (1 week ago). Thus basically I had to do a lot of literature review and crystallization of ideas into 20 something pages that are both convincing and reliable from a scientific point of view. Usually this kind of stuff requires at least a couple of weeks; I had only four days before leaving for NYC for a conference. In the spirit of "everybody loves a good challenge" I also did it!:))..and pretty well as the referees agreed..
the only drawback was the lack of sleep which kind of overwhelmed me after this crazy week..

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