Saturday, March 04, 2006

Dreamscapes And Dark Places: Music Videos Spawned from Surrealism

An event of surrealist music video clips here at RPI.
"In the past decade, the structure of the short snappy music video has not only become fodder for the likes of the commercial MTV set, but a goldmine for major artists and film directors to work with – and within – the limitations of the specific structure of the music video clip." (EMPAC)

Overall feeling:
Cool suff, big projection and powerful sound. All you need to dive in this world.

Entr´acte (1924) a 13–minute surreal film by René Clair preceded the 1 hour compilation of music videos. People were inventive even back then with limited shooting techniques.:)

The Doves-Sky Starts Falling (nice visuals and concept)
Beck-E Pro (a classic by now -- love the ending --)
LCD soundsystem-Tribulations (interesting)
Daedelus-Just Briefly (interesting video, but I was more into the music-it is also a Nija Tune artist)
Múm-Will The Summer Make Good For All of Our Sins? (very strange video and music but worth trying)
Pinback-Fortress (simple, fun and powerful)
Amos Tobin-4 Ton Mantis (one of my favorite artists, strange video though, towards dark, kitschy commercial)
Carpath North-Human (Denmark if i remember right, EXCELLENT)
Ladytron-Destroy Everything You Touch (weak stuff)
Bjork-Triumph of a Heart (funny)
Röyksopp-What Else is There? (hmmm- interesting, but no so good afterall)
Aphex Twin-Come to Daddy (another classic, creepy video from the dark master of techno)
The Arcade Fire-Rebellion (not my type of music + weak visual stuff)
Björk-Hyperballad (nice track, among few that i "get" from her releases:)..)
FC Kahuna-Hayling (excellent)

I would have had some more. There are so many good ones outthere. However it was a good mix!

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