Sunday, October 29, 2006

Back to the Future?

What do these three things have in common. Well, the chain goes like this: We all saw the "Back to the Future" series with a fresh new young Michael J Fox in it, plus a handful of other comedy series starring him. I must admit I have been ignorant in the star gossip all my life, thus I didn't know about his Parkinson's disease, founded in 1991 and made public in 1988. But this week I found out. Along with the small scandal surrounding it.

The story is simple: Michael has Parkinson(1); (2) according to the experts this is the disease which would benefit the most out of the stem cell research; (3) republicans opposed the stem cell research from various reasons (that go beyond the scope of this informal briefing) thus (4) MJF is campaigning along the democrat candidate in the state of Missouri which yielded some "not-so-nice" comments (e.g. he's faking/acting/inflating his brownian movements to attract sympathy etc for the cause and the democrats). Probably MJF would really like now to be able to go back to the past. I am not so much interested in the political side of the story but the medical one; there is indeed a dilemma; however, things a lot worse have been and will still continue to take place in the world so I don't see what is the acrimony so big in this case. There is a link in the title to the full story on CNN.

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