Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Why I hate mercatilist dentistry

Back again with new forces..

YES, I had a tough week, perhaps the toughest this year. Everything seems to go against my wishes and interest (my life, my research, the news from home etc); and on top of all that I had a really bad experience with A dentist, not MY dentist,since I will probably drop him not fast enough as I should have.

I cannot believe that crap like this happens even here in the States, supposedly first, a top-noch place for medicine (dentistry included) and secondly, the home of the brave and the place for probably most lawsuits in the world from which malpractice has a good chunk. In addition, I HATE all these doctors and dentists that are in this business solely for the purpose of MAKING MONEY. After all, mercantilism is not stipulated in Hippocrate's oath !!! But, many of them, worldwide seem to include it automatically. After all, viva los dineros! The rest is soon to be past history.
My personal experience was a bad one; after a bad one in my home country I was just in need of an advice on it. After rejecting the initial diagnostic (a root canal) which was just exaggerated by the DMD since it is an expensive one and he can easily make 800 bucks in less than an hour, performing it even on a tooth that doesn't need it. The filling, crown and all the goodies afterwards come as freebies for his practice again. Well I opted not to have one but instead I was tricked into replacing some fillings. Naturally, from 4 pieces it has gone easily to 7 with the final goal of reaching the same treshold of $800. Damn my exaggerate politeness!!
Ceteris paribus, this would have been OK with me (insurance got most of it; I only had to pay $ 25, but the problem is that I would have no insurance left). However,the big issue became the fact that he did a VERY POOR JOB on those fillings too and I had problems with them. Again my ugly exaggerate personal politeness kicks (without rights for appeal) in and I just go back to him and have those fixed, instead of taking pure american pleasure in a well deserved malpractice lawsuit against a shark like this.
I love pigs. Dogs are looking up to us, cats are treating us with disdain. Pigs are the only ones treating us as peers (W. Churchill) Do we all have to be pigs then??

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