Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Cultural Recap

A lot has been going on since I haven't updated the posts on this blog, which is
not that bad after all (around 10 days). So, let's get right in to it:

1. Lee Ranaldo (from Sonic Youth) and Leah Singer - "Drift" live performance

DRIFT is a sonic/visual environment consisting of music sounds and texts by Ranaldo in response to two 16 mm analytical film projectors performed in real time by Singer. Much as a DJ scratches the vinyl records, Singer manipulates her films in a live improvisation with Ronaldo's guitar, poetry and soundscapes (empac@rpi).Well, yeah, interesting enough to go there. However, kind of "veni, vedi, vici" type of feeling; maybe to long, or to improvised and raw, the show wasn't that convincing afterall and the poetry has also a certain limit you can abstract it..just like any form of art.

2. Puccini's "La Boheme" brought to Schenectady's own Proctors Theater by Teatro Lirico D'Europa.
A classical indeed, this tender but still tragic drama appeals to a wide range of people, myself included. The Parisian atmosphere does bring back some vivid and joyful European memories also.

3. Helene Grimaud, piano @ Troy Savings Bank Music Hall.
One of the best pianists that I have seen so far. A convincing performance that made up for those 75 minutes of delay due to a navigational mistake on the North Eastern highway system. It happens, you know..:) In the program, all the "big boys": Bach, Chopin, Brahm and Rachmaninoff. A must see show.

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Anonymous said...

Yes. Helene Grimaud is a sensible piano player. I admired her performance firs in the soundtrack of the movie "Un coeur en hiver"