Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Finally...up on the web

"I am online, therefore I exist."
In today's myriad of electronic resources, a personal website has become a must for every person that has even the slightest touch upon any other life than its own regardless of the formal affilation, opinions, race, IQ and all the other parameters defining a human being. However, I am a fan of design, mood and music rather than concentrated info and lots over lots of links. Viva le Flash and all those wonderful websites constructed with it; I hope to get one of those soon myself. Until then....

I finally posted my embrionic web-site up on the school's servers. Naturally I do not feel that the present job is final; however is more than enough for what I am proposing to do, which is just to show the world that I do exist. Doing a website resembles a lot with building a house from the ground up: the foundation, walls, structure etc are the easiest parts of the construction; the final touch and the details require most of your time. However I am content with the result and also hope it will impact positively my future endeavors.

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