Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Vadim, the DJ

These days I came across another Ninja Tunes artist, DJ Vadim, a prolific DJ and producer born in Russia but based now in London. The name sounds funny to any Romanian because of the obvious identification with a famous politician a nationalistic extremist but mostly on paper and in speeches (like all politicians afterall).I've listen to one of his albums (U.S.S.R. Life From The Other Side [Ninja Tune, September 1999]) and his latest project: the hip-hop group One Self with MCs Yarah Bravo (DJ Vadim's wife) and Blu Rum 13. The first One Self album, Children of Possibility was released September 20, 2005. Very good turntablism stuff while the latter has a lot of mellow funk influences which make it even more enjoyable and easy to listen. I like his website a lot too with all the Russian legacy presented there plus some free mp3.

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