Sunday, October 01, 2006

More experimental stuff

Check this stuff out. A delighful blend of music with various influences ranging from regular electronic music and amalgamating it with familiar elements of funk, acid, jazz, hip-hop, drum and bass and IDM. An excellent release from Wagon Christ aka Luke Vibert. Bits of jazz, lounge, dance, R & B, spoken words, and orchestral music are intermingled freely to create coherent new creations. Easy to listen and accept as good stuff.:)

Again, Luke Vilbert, this time with a collection of library music by other artists. However, in this case the man behing plug or wagon christ is searching through archives of late 60's early 70's French commercial and tv show music archives. Basically a couple of composers fooling around with vintage synths and syncopation. a listen hard to compare, not always engaging, but essential nonetheless for music enthusiasts...the rest will get dissapointed quickly and surely.

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