Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The middle-of-the-week movie

A masterpiece in some opinions (see the list of nominations and awards) a bunch of nonsense violent scenes, according to others, OLDBOY is a 2003 Korean movie that enjoyed some attention at numerous movie festivals while giving a good name to its director and writer, Chan-wook Park. I just rented this video out of my middle-of-the-week boredom state. And I liked it 90% of the time. The metaphoric interludes were interesting but just delays from the boiling action in my opinion and the whole set-up of the movie was clever but maybe a bit too complicated for those who prefer pure and straight entertainment over complicated mind puzzling situations. However, it is something more than "all right". I bet that if Tarantino have been directed this one, we would definitely notice a much bigger shower of prizes and $$ from movie theaters across the nation. Kill Bill has nothing on it.

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