Sunday, October 29, 2006

Which one is better: FireFox 2 or IE 7?

The release of Firefox 2.0 this week, came after the big expected emergence of the new Internet Explorer 7, bigger and better, supposedly.

Although IE is still by far the biggest player in the browsers market (about 82% of the world is using it), its share is eroded steadily by the new Firefox who, although it's a free software, it appears to be better in all terms (according to the specialists and specialty magazines).Many of the new features of the new Internet Explorer are mimicking those seen in the previous and current releases of Firefox, such as an integrated search function which allows for internet search across the major search engines and popular websites, including Google, Yahoo, Amazon and eBay. However, the Fox is still ahead in the eyes of the public also and with the rise of new open-source systems with more friendly interfaces (e.g. Ubuntu, which I personally liked once I have tried it) could result in significant changes.
For a more comprehensive analysis of the two browsers check out this review:

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