Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Can the Zeppelins make a comeback?

Well, I for one, I surely hope so. Besides the fact that they are environmentally friendly with the use of hydrogen, I just love the elegance and splendor of their design. I am curios how many people would be inclined to climb in one for a trip..
An exclusive German tradition and technology pushed towards perfection before the second WW, the airship tradition was abandoned in favor of the fastest and newest tech gimmick -the aircraft- and it never came back fueled also by the spectacular crash and terrible tragedy of the Hindenburg in 1937, the famous transoceanic German liner.

Fortunately, in the last years, there is some real hope materialized in a couple of firms, based in Germany and Switzerland, which offer the possibility of taking short/medium zeppelin tours.One such firm is the Zeppelin-Europe-Tours AG founded as Holding based in Zurich in June 2005 (
I guess that now one can fly if one really wants and has the necessary monetary endowments also :)After a moment of checking out the prices I came to the conclusion that it will have to wait, a few hundred euros for a half an hour doesn't quite measure up to my expectations.

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