Saturday, September 06, 2008

Romanian soccer rollercoaster

From ups (almost top soccer) in the 1990s to valleys and deep saddle points today, Romanian soccer has still a lot to offer. And by that, I mean not just scandals, "charismatic" talkative club owners (e.g. Becali @ Steaua Bucharest) and wide-spread accusations of corruption. We can actually play soccer and a good one too. Although the memory of winning the Champions League in 1986 against Barcelona has well faded in the background, recent performances in UEFA cup (2005-2006) and two teams in Champions League's grups 2008-2009 are something to be proud of. But again, after some wimpy game in the EURO 2008 against France and a great miss to beat Italy (draw) we surrendered unconditionally against a Dutch team who did not want to win (0-2). Well, after all that, the time for REAL SHAME is here. It has been 3 years since we lost a game on home court but now we need to reset the clock. Lithuania, yep, that huge 3.5 million top soccer country administrated us a dry 0-3. Although I haven't seen the game it must have been quite pathetic. And I am glad I've missed it. The funny thing is that not even such a GREAT start in the qualifying campaign the coach who made a laughing stock out of us in the EURO 08 (Piturca) is not going to be dismissed. Amazing!! talking about that wonderful thing called corruption and all those heads in Romanian soccer that seem to be appointed for life...

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