Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Amazing Champions League Win

Not many believed it is possible, but, CFR Cluj beat AS Roma in Italy 2-1. The small Romanian team has debuted in CL and although they are in a pretty bad shape right now (#7 in the Romanian league) pulled out a great game in Rome. Very dynamic, spectacular and overall, a deserved win. In a group with Chelsea and Bordeaux, that has spiced up things ever more. We'll see how things will enfold..


Adam Koblentz said...

Hey, by chance did you ever figure out that Stata 10 problem with dropping variables? My fiancee is getting her phd in economics and i'm trying to get 10 MP to work for her, dual core, so why not.

It's dropping her variables randomly as well.

Sorin Krammer said...

I would suggest you to drop the SE version and move to MP even if you're not using the dual core power (which you won't unless you have WIN XP X64 or better yet, Leopard OS X). The performance is great anyways and the variable drops disappear. Good luck!