Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mexico City - an exciting city

Well, at first I was a bit afraid. I mean 20 million people is almost the whole population of my home country Romania. And that is pretty high for just a city, no matter how spread it might be. But in the end, I didn't feel like Mexico City is too (or That) big. A second thing that I regret is that we got some real bad weather when i was there, so it was quite hard to walk and really enjoy the city. I had to buy an umbrella, because the rain kept pouring on for days. Moreover, I didn't bring warm and rain coats so it was quite unexpected to be colder than in upstate NY. But in the end, all was well and I managed to see and do a lot. The city is great with many things to offer from walking down Reforma Avenue (where my Fiesta Americana hotel was located) to Chapultepec park and Castle or towards the city Centre (Zocalo and all that). I even managed to walk the whole thing one afternoon and it did not take me more than 1 hr, maybe...which again, added to my belief that the city isn't that big (as it should be for 20 mil). The food is great although not as cheap as one might expect. Anyways, just go ahead and try as many things as possible. I do not like extreme spicing but I still enjoy a lot the Mexican food. So fresh and so nice. Also, once you are there, you must go and see the pyramids at Teotihuacan (great site, you feel like going back in time a thousand years), the National Anthropological Museum (the best there is, lots of exhibits from Mayas, Aztecs, Teotihuacan and other civilizations in North and Central America), the National Palace, The National Cathedral and so many more others. I am a bit disappointed that three extra days were not enough..so I still have things to see when I go back: Coyocan (I have stayed there in a hostel, but didn't see everything there is to see there) San Angelo (another beautiful neighborhood) the spherical pyramids (xx don't remember the name), Taxco (a small city 2hrs south, the capital of silver mining in the region) or what is left of the former canals (again, my memory is a bit blurry with regards to the name of this area). It is funny remember my trips with the metro (not so happy in the rush hours though) and studying peoples faces while picking up some of their words [I only understand Spanish by association via Italian:)]. Overall, very nice people, city and country. I really look forward to getting back in Mexico sometimes and explore more of this country.

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