Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bootcamp-ing made easy

Well, for good or for bad Bootcamp is now integrated in the new OS X Leopard. I guess the good part is that now it would be more stable and faster than previous set-ups, although I have no ideas about those. The bad part is that for those without Leopard, I heard that Bootcamp is no longer available for free download, which hits them quite a bit. More nice things: the drivers for Windows work pretty well (only one exception: mine after I let it go into stand-by, the screen resolution becomes funny (unclear) and sometimes I even lose sound). Bad things: doesn't allow multiple partitions...just two: one Mac, one Windows; I have tried many things to overcome these issues but I wasn't successful and in the end I gave up, since it eats up too much of my time. There are some forum users though, who claim that they have the solution and they did manage to have a tri-boot sequence on a Mac. So, Google for them confidently if you really need them. I also start to get use with the Mac a major Win user is a bit tricky to learn the key shortcuts and all that, forget about the right click and use FN key for Windows Commander quick functions. But i have to admire the Leopard system overall, its ease to use and ergonomic fundamental nature. Just need to get used to it ..:)

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