Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Globelics conference 2008 Mexico City

After participating in the Globelics Academy 2008 in Tampere, I also got my paper accepted for an oral presentation in the "big" conference of Globelics, held this year in Mexico City. I really enjoyed being there and give this paper..after all, it gave me the much needed incentive to revise it this June and have it (almost) ready for resubmission at Research Policy. The only objection I had was the selection of topics and papers (which was a bit odd) and the draconian time constraints (15 minutes) which made it harder to present. But in the end, I managed to do it in 15 minutes and enjoyed every bit of it. Moreover, this was a big conference with some of the big names in Economics of Innovation field. Lundvall, Nelson, Soete, Malerba, Fageberg they were all there, plus a lot more "star scientists" that I might have omitted or not personally know. And there is such a great feeling and personal satisfaction to be able to talk to them, not only about your research, but more about life and other unrelated issues. There were also some PhD students, such as myself, presenting, but not that many. However, very nice people and I hope to stay in touch.

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