Monday, August 24, 2009

Starting to hate Macs

Today I finally decided to get rid of my old XP installation under bootcamp and replace it with a fresh, this time NTFS installation. So, I booted in Mac OSx and I used Bootcamp assistant to delete the bootcamp partition, but when I booted back ...surprise-surprise the whole disk was unmountable...and worse of all...un-fixable with the limited disk-utility from the MacOSX DVD.
So..right now I am pretty pissed off about all this; either I don't get something, or Mac kinda suxx. I am tired of reinstalling everything, although in MAcOSX it doesn't take long, it is just annoying not to be able to do much to fix a problem that appeared out of nowhere. And now, I also have to reinstall everything under Windows, which will take, for sure, a lot of time.

Posted of my 10 year old friend, a pimped up IBM T22..still kickin':))

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