Saturday, August 29, 2009

Colored Musical Beads

Flying Lotus - Los Angeles (2008)Flying Lotus, (born Steven Ellison) is an experimental multi-genre music producer, disc jockey, and laptop musician from Winnetka, California. His debut album, 1983, was released on Plug Research Records in 2006.[1] He is most famous (yet also uncredited) for the music in many of the segues of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim,[2] and he has also contributed remixes to fellow Plug Research artists, including Mia Doi Todd.(wiki). LA (2008) is his latest release at WARP Records, and it has been sitting on my collection for a while now, till today when I had the chance to listen it. A great mix of beats and electronic music that reminds me a bit also of Prefuse 73. In the end, I put the album back and re-listen it, which i seldom do. Still good.

Moby - Wait for Me (2009)I am not sure if this was or not an anticipated release but anything coming from Moby should be something decently good (at least). So, on June 30th Wait for Me hit the market. Moby tried to do (again) something artistic and special, as he was saying in an interview back in 2008 ("I want to make a really emotional, beautiful record. I don't know if I will succeed, but my goal is to make something very personal, very melodic, very beautiful") and to some extent he managed to achieve this. However, despite the fact that this album has several great tracks, overall the impression is rather mixed. It is indeed a great album, but somehow it seems too slow and sad throughout. I guess it also needs a lot of "digestion" for which there is plenty of time ahead.

Matisyahu - Light (2009)
Light is the third album by reggae singer Matisyahu, which was released on August 25, 2009. The artist had been working on his third album for nearly two years, making it the longest time he has ever spent making a record. The follow-up to Youth had been delayed several times before its release.Light is a good album with a lot of catchy tunes in his original style that mixes successfully reggae, hip-hop, and rock into something substantial, and with occasional references to the Judaic culture. Matisyahu maintains as much simplicity as possible to stay lean and focused, a result from his optimism: "Being an artist is about being sensitive to how the world resonates inside you and then being able to express it."

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