Saturday, August 01, 2009

Revisiting Barcelona

I always loved Barcelona. Such a vivid city, rich culture and historical heritage in a perfect blend with a modern society and an exquisite night life. Love the palm trees and the Mediteraneean buildings. The Gothic remains my favorite part of the city and I just love walking there, even during night time, and getting lost in the myriad of small streets and corridors. The port is another thing that I've enjoyed;also, when one cannot take the heat of the city Barcelonetta is also a great option. All the works of Gaudi starting with the amazing Sagrada Familia and ending with Parc Guell are always up for revisiting; actually I revisited a lot of sites, just to get a taste of the recent past (2006) when I was here. And, surprisingly, they remained pretty much unchanged, parks, restaurants and sites. Still beautiful, still exciting.

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