Thursday, August 20, 2009

Reinstalling Mac OSX with Bootcamp

To install a fresh copy of Mac OSX isn't at all complicated. Although in my case, having Kernel issues resulted in actually wiping my old system, still, the process is easy and straightforward. And more than that...quite fast. After checking the installation DVD for consistency (which you may skip) for aout 10-15minutes, it takes about 30 more minutes to have the system up (then, it depends how many applications you want to install to top the system,; i have quite a lot). Obviously I have stripped my installation of somehow dubious Chinese, Hindu and other languages, for which I have no use and huge printer drivers ranging from 10 MB to 1.5GB (???) for Cannon or HP. I figured that if it will not work I might as well both/ print in Windows (at least I know the exact deal there). In terms of Bootcamp, no problems. The WIN partition remains intact and Bootcamp sees it right away. I might have to scrap that also, since last year I followed Apple's advice and formatted it to FAT, which is a bad idea for countless reasons. I plan soon to correct this and make it NTFS.

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