Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Travel Diaries 3 - Back in the US

After a long journey (23hrs) from Barcelona to Great Barrington, MA I think I finally get the chance to rest a bit and enjoy the peaceful and beautiful Berkshire county. Of course, it is not that simple, still I am short of a paper and a presentation here, but I think it is a good slow down of speed after the hecticness of the last couple of weeks and the logistic perks (I got all my connections right on time) of an extended journey.

Life seems a lot simpler and ejoyable here. I even sleep with all my windows open which is strange/unusual for me due to usually, noise and temperature constraints. I will probably push myself to get things done this week and just enjoy the next on, which is the final one also. In the meantime, sports are still predominant on both sides of the pond: the NBA finals are over after the Dallas Mavericks couldn't get it together for the last for games and accomplished a rare counter-performance (only two more cases in history) and lost the series 4-2 games after they had 2-0. Meanwhile, in Germany things get closely towards a closure with the final matches of the group phase. In will be interesting to see if France will make it, which will be just pure luck. Other than that, everything is good. Just need to work some:). Which I plan to do right now.:))...

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