Monday, June 19, 2006

Leaving Barcelona

I left Bellaterra around 5 am heading for the airport to catch my 7:50 am flight. Very tired, basically just had 1 hour and a half of sleep and a 23 hr journey ahead. Still, I felt bad for not thinking to stay some extra days in a hostel and just take advantage of the parties and all the stuff going on in such a vivid place as Barcelona. Well...uncertainty:)) and complexity of the problem could allow me to visualize 3 months before how is going to be and how should I plan my trip here. Bottom line: I really look forward to coming back there and do (slowly) all the things that I have missed in this one.
A couple of pics below:

The Montjuic Fountain 1 - a spectacular show of water, lights and chamber music

The Montjuic Fountain 2

Parc Guell and a panoramic view of Barcelona

Parc Guell-another Gaudi's wonders- a great photo

Parc Guell-Mediteranean vegetation

Palace of Arts and Culture

The TV antenna in the Olympic Village

Building on the famous La Rambla

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