Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Travel Diaries 1 - Leaving the Capital Region

Mo, 5th June.12:10 pm.
I am just leaving Albany in the 12 o clock train. Gods smilled on me since the 10:45 and the 11:00 haven't yet arrive and respectively left, the Rensselaer trainstation. Time becomes quite the critical factor in these types of long journeys and I am not used to cuting slack for such delays and it is a dangerous habit. The weather is fine, sun just came out after a couple of cold and long rainy days; here comes summer; however I am glad to leave since I don't really tolerate the humidity + heat usually fouded in all the US (or at least the one that I have visited so far). Again, travelling first class by Amtrak (thus took out my laptop and start to write these things)...this time by conjecture and not by ticket:))..but I have so much luggage that I can't afford to move on the train and the conductor lady was kind enough not to get on my case.I suppose now this ("thank you for travelling amtrak"!) should become my line and not her's.
The Hudson river looks blurry today and the ride again reminds me of home and Viseu river, when I use to take a 14 hr (!!) ride from Timisoara to my hometown. In a month and a half I will be probably taking it again (or something similar). Can't wait to get to NYC; that city really represents me and I just love the energy and the frentic rhythm that is impregnated in it.

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