Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My latest outcome

Here is my latest academic child. I started brainstorming for it months ago and finally worked on it since May. Since I am kind of a sinusoidal person workwise, guess the period it isn't justified but the intensity consecrated in many times was high to say the very least. I did it by myself, no help, no major suggestions or advices, which entitles me to take full credit and be even more proud of it, if proven to be a good achievement. Here it is (a scaled down version of it- the real thing is an ISO A0 which is 36 by 48 inches or approx 1 square metter of actual glossy picture, thus pretty big). I will probably show this baby on my summer fellowhsip in Massachusets and afterward to the big European Science Days in Steyr, Austria. I am very happy the way it came out; after print I was worried about too much black (background and all) and sometimes even the best plotters do not deal well with so much solid color and black is the most utilized too, I guess. But the results are spectacular. Take a look and give back some feedback!:)

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