Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Surprising NBA All Star Weekend

It started with the PlayStation skills where Tony Parker or Moe Williams did not really make and effort to compete, followed by Jason Capono's froze in the 3point shoot-out against some famous-but-not-for-3-point-shooting oponents like Mike Bibby or Danny Granger, to Saturday's climax when Nate Robinson fully employed the power of Kryptonite (he was all dressed in green with green sock, shoes and even a green ball) to take the dunk title back to New York in a final with Superman Dwight Howard.
I think that Howard did a mistake in arranging his dunk since his first ans second one were definetely better than the ending (a classic Air Jordan free throw line dunk) which is not extremely appealing for someone of his size.Finally, Sunday in the big game, Shaq and Kobe were reunited and shared the MVP title after a spectacular game in which both of them play spectacular.

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