Sunday, February 08, 2009

Back at Troy Savings Bank Classical Music Concerts

Well, it has been a while. About 1 1/2 years to be exact, since I haven't been at a concert here in Troy. It almost happened last Fall, but I had to travel to Netherlands and I had to cancel in the last minute. Other than that, again, mostly out of town and sadly, busy with other stuff. So, this was a nice way to remember "the old ways" and I think I miss these "getaways"; after all they are good ways to relax. However, I also usually have some good ideas about various things; and I definitely need to write them down afterwards. But back to the thing, the concert was good but I wouldn't call it exceptional: Les Violins du Roy from Quebec directed by Bernard Labadie. In the program: Telemann-Ouverture des nations anciens et moderne; Handel-Water Music, Haydn-Horn Concerto No.2 (with Louis Philippe Marsolais, very nice horn solos); Purcell - Chaconne from King Arthur; Geminiani - Concerto Grosso in D minor and again, Handel with Suite from Alcina. The first pieces were nice but a bit boring while towards the end of the first half, and again in the second, the tempo built up towards a great end. The encore (Vivaldi's Spring) has naturally received a great welcome from the audience.

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