Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Big Showdown Week in the NBA

This week brought some great NBA games that give a small preview for what is about to come in the playoffs.

1. Lakers finally beat Celtics at the Garden (110-109)

After losing in Los Angeles, on Wed the Celtics and their fans were eager for revenge. But Kobe & Co. didn't agree and won in OT. And that even without Bynum, the big body, and lately big scorer, for LA. Boston did commit several faults in this game that went without penalty. Although one might argue that Allen got checked by fisher, to call it a fault (& considering Allen's 90% free throw) would have been a total distortion to the result of the whole game.
Game Recap HERE

2. Spurs also beat Celtics at home (105-99)
A very tactic game between two of the best defensive teams in the NBA. And the Celtics chocked again. Spurs didn't do anything extraordinary, Allen dropped the ball again. Despite the fact that I definitely dislike the Spurs, somehow the result was pleasing since the champs do need a decent dose of modesty in their portfolio.
Game Recap HERE

3. Lakers break Cavaliers' 23 winning home streak
The battle between the two most dominant candidates for this year's MVP title (Bryant and James) was not the spotlight of this game. Both Bryant and especially James had below the average performances while Odom's 28 points made the difference in the 3rd and 4th quarters. And although many do not see the significance of these wins (both in Cleveland and Boston), well, it might make a difference when one reaches game 7 in the NBA finals, where home turf can make the difference.
Game Recap HERE

And next weekend, is the All Star Game...

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