Sunday, June 22, 2008

Why Love Footbal

We see it these days. The unbeatable surprises. We love that.
Although I was definitely cheering for Netherlands to get closer to the European title, they have been out-played by far by a Russian team that has showed tremendous desire to play and score. So, it was a fair result and nobody can deny it.+ the Spectacle was great. Some Germans might claim that even their Manschaft did a great game against Portugal..well, not so sure here since the Portuguese basically didn't do their part (2-1, and 45 minutes to score, c'mon..!) but yes, Germans are very good at being pragmatic and that's fine too (especially @ this stage). Finally, one cannot omit the Turks, the luckiest team alive, with spectacular scores in the last minutes of (every) game (almost) and I hope they will remain on the same track. While Spain has to prove that is ready and willing against (another pragmatic) Italy, hopefully the show will prevail. However, it has been a crazy championship and I love it.:)

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