Thursday, June 19, 2008

Back Home - the never ending haunting past

Yep. Once again back home. Good and bad things all always:)). Adjustment and reticence. Too much Romania can be bad for you.:)). The first thing that strikes you when you get off the flight is the myriad of (still) Dacias (old ones 1310, 1300 etc) that cruise towards the city (in this case, Cluj Napoca). The airport is extending...deh...looks awfully small and obviously stranded between two unfriendly pass checks and a 6 meter luggage belt, attempting to accommodate about 60 pasagers from a German Wings flight from Cologne. {Very cheap flight: 40euros Koln-Cluj; but the line at the 1-open-counter German Wings baggage check in give me plenty of emotions with 40 minutes before the flight}. Then, again, the hard way...bus no.8 to the city...since I really hate the "sharks" (private taxi drivers with supa-dupa-fly tariffs to the city...5 to 10 times more) that lurk for every foreign flight. The clouds kept their calm and I reached Mihai Viteazu Square in time and in mint condition. Except my luggage,again:)), with some minor damage...a blow-up wheel..but from Frankfurt not this last segment. Again, I am tired of criticism, this is just a remark. One reaches a sufficient level of numbness after a while, not to care or bother of such things, and one is happy to say that he's reached it.

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